The official bylaws and criteria for the Western Athletic Hall of Fame can be downloaded by clicking on the link on the right as well as the nomination form. This year we will be inducting the athletes/coaches/teams/supporters from the 2000s and anyone who may be nominated from earlier decades. The ceremony will be held at Western High School on December 13th between the JV and Varsity boys contests. There will be updated information as we progress through the fall. The criteria for consideration for induction are listed in the bylaws. If you know of anyone who you feel qualifies to be inducted this year from the 1970s please follow the nomination procedures. Induction into any hall of fame is a great honor and criteria that qualifies an individual or team must be very selective in order to maintain the integrity of the hall of fame. This is certainly not an exact science and there definitely is room for subjectivity in any process which selects individuals or teams for enshrinement into a hall of fame. The bylaws were designed to take as much subjectivity out as possible. We ask that if you have any questions about the process or any objections to the criteria that you send a PM or email or call me rather than expressing those opinions in a way that could damage the credibility of the hall of fame. This is a very difficult process simply because there are very limited records with the exception of basketball.

At this point, the committee has already elected to induct the following individuals based on the automatic induction criteria for this year:
Gabby Smith 1000 points
Bruce Walls 1000 points
Steve Martin 1000 points and state track meet
1971 Regional Runners-up boys basketball
1979 District Champions boys basketball
Wayne Walls Long Jump (state track meet)
Ferm Beavers (state track meet)Robert Mohr (state track meet 1958)

We know that there will be additions to that list. However, we are waiting to get the official criteria together for the induction ceremony.