2023 Scholarships

Rotary Club Scholarship (The Rotary Club Scholarship is due to Mrs. Schuler on December 9- everything except the transcripts.  If you have any questions, please see Mrs. Schuler. )

4-H Scholarship (The 4-H scholarship is due to Mrs. Schuler before Christmas break)

Pike Water Scholarship

South Central Power's Scholarship Program/2022-2023 School Year- please go to:   https://www.southcentralpower.com/south-central-power-company-foundation/scholarships/

  • Follow the directions carefully and please check the due dates!  Don't miss out.  If you need any assistance please see Mrs. Schuler.

JB Wilson Scholarship (Due March 20) See Mrs. Schuler for applications

Ron Pennington 4-H Scholarship

4-H Alumni Club Scholarship

Atomic Credit Union Scholarship

FBP STEAM scholarships

FBP STEAM scholarship instructions

FBP STEAM application


Scioto Valley Realtors

Marian Thomas Creative Writing Contest

Orient Lodge Scholarship - Due 2/27. Please pick up from Mrs. Schuler

Masons Scholarship

Chillicothe/Ross Foundation (Pike County Scholarship)

Pike County Farm Bureau Scholarship

Fluor-BWXT Minority Scholarship

CCP Scholarships at Southern State

First National Bank Scholarships

Heckie Thompson Memorial Scholarship

COAD Scholarship

Ohio Gas Scholarship

Sonya Swain Memorial Scholarship

Tristan Miller Scholarship

Pike County Educational Assistance Fund

Foundation for Appalachian Ohio

Printex Scholarship

Recover Council Scholarship

A.H. Free and Joseph E. Free Scholarship

Jimmy Burton Memorial Scholarship

Gary Snyder Memorial Scholarship

EA Robbins Scholarship

Eddie Robbins Forestry Scholarship

Medical Mutual Scholarship - Due March 15

Justin Helton Memorial Scholarship

Pike County Solid Waste Management Scholarship