The Heart of Western was started over 20 years ago when our school received some drug-free grant money from the government. We asked for kids to join if they believed in a drug-free school. Next, we decided to compile a program involving the elementary students. The high school students became mentors to the elementary. The mentorship evolved into a Christmas party where the high school students bought a gift for the elementary one. We had a party with games and prizes to go with the gift giving. The special part about seeing the Heart of Western grow over the years is to see kids who were the elementary Special K kids as we called them then, become the high school kids giving back to the next generation of Special K kids. The Heart of Western then became highly involved in the nationwide Red Ribbon Campaign. We also work hard to bring speakers and events into our school that will help our students make good decisions and drug-free choices. As the founder of this group I am very proud of the work they have accomplished over the years.