Western Local School District is a small district serving grades K-12 in rural Appalachia. Our current facility opened on February 14, 1998. It is a brand new, ultra-modern building of which we are very proud!! The Elementary was added in 2004.

Our Vision:
We envision schools and families, community members and partnering agencies working together to educate and inspire students toward future success and productive citizenship.

Our Mission: We will strive every day to provide high quality educational experiences that prepare and inspire students to achieve.

Our Motto:

Every Student,
Every Day,
Whatever It Takes!


Hurrah for the Green and the White
May it lead us to victory forever
A flag for a team that will fight
For the glory of Western High
May rivals remember the day
That our team was so gallantly endeavored
To do the best that we may
Oh, Western High! Oh, Western High!
Will live forever!


SCHOOL COLORS Green and White

(NEOLA WEBSITE)This is a link to our District Bylaws and Policies

**The Western Local Board of Education meets the 2nd Monday of each month at 6pm in the Western High School Room 101.   Any unexpected changes to the meeting schedule will be specified in our required notification process.