Western Local Schools Transportation Department

For everyone involved in the Transportation Department, Safety is the number one priority. Policies and procedures are designed with safety in mind. These policies and procedures are applicable to all school sponsored events in which bus transportation is provided, including but not limited to, daily school routes, field trips, and academic or athletic contests.

Transportation Supervisor: Amy Haggy

2020-21 Bus Routes

Bus #1                                    (Doug Cox) <Parking Space 2>

Auerville Road (1000-up), Pinetop Road, Whiskey Hollow Road, Fairview Road, Wallace Fork Road, Lapperell Road, Greenbriar Road

Bus #18                                  (Teresa McMillin) <Parking Space 10>

Bell Hollow, County Line/State Route 124 to School, Dogwood Lane, Nace Corner Road, Hackleshin Road

Bus #19                                  (Ayesha Burket) <Parking Space 1>

                                Red Bridge Road, McCoy Road, Green Ridge Road

Bus #14                                  (Kelly May) <Parking Space 6>

Bates Road, State Route 772 (23000 to Ross county line), Davis Road, Armstrong Hollow, Morgan Fork (3901 to 7000), Fire Tower (1686 and 1805), Guilkey Road, Auerville Road (0 to 1000)

Bus #5                                    (Brandis Theobald) <Parking Space 3>

Rainbow Trail Road, Walls Road, Leeth Creek Road (2700 to 4184), Thompson Road, Newland Ridge Road

Bus #8                                    (Tonya Williams) <Parking Space 13>

State Route 41 @Pike/Ross County line to Pike/Highland County line @ State Route 753, Drybone, Muddy Lane, Frost Road

Bus #9                                    (Donna Knisley) <Parking Space 11>

Fields Hollow Road, Grassy Fork Road (4361 and up), Frank Road, Lapperell Road (0-3766), Perdue Hollow, Stewart Hollow Road, Shoemaker Road, State Route 124

Bus #10                                  (Marvin Mustard) <Parking Space 4>

Bottom of hill of Beavers Ridge & across ridge (6400 and up), Gleason Road, Rob Beekman Road, Elm Grove Road,  Woods Road, Eugene Road, O’Diam Road, State Route 124 (10279 to school)

Bus #12                                  (Penny May) <Parking Space 12>

                                State Route 124 (2384 - 11379

Bus #15                                  (Shannon Beekman) <Parking Space 9>

Leeth Creek Road (0 – 2690), Viar Road, Waldren Hill Road (2261-2309), State Route 772, McKenny Lane, 11030 State Route 124 – 10279 State Route 124

Bus #11                                  (Lorie Henderson) <Parking Space 5>

Beekman Ridge Road and across ridge (0 – 6300), Union Hill Road, Tater Knob, Hoagland Hill Road, Beavers Ridge Road, Zion Road

Bus #17                                  (Debbie Scharbrough) <Parking Space 8)

Pike Lake Road, Owen Road, Morgan Fork Road (0 – 3900), Ryan Drive, Brubaker Road