Powerpack Food Program

I want to take a minute to thank two wonderful people who have been the support behind Western's Powerpack Food Program. Because of Mark and Vergie Hunter, we are able to provide weekend bags of food to children in our school that might not have adequate nutrition on the weekends. Their son, Steven A. Hunter was an amazing young man who had a passion for helping others. I've attached his story in the pictures of this post. He is the reason all of this is happening. Without Steven's story, none of this would be possible. The Steven A. Hunter Hope Fund makes the purchase of the food packs possible. Mark and Vergie work tirelessly with schools and organizations to continue to feed children in seventeen different schools in Pike, Scioto and Adams counties. I cannot thank this lovely couple enough for all they have done year after year for our children but I can spread the word about them and the good they are doing for kids everyday. Although nothing can replace the loss of their amazing son Steven, they have helped hundreds and maybe thousands of children. They give God all the glory for making it possible. Western Local Schools thanks them for their unconditional love of others and their constant efforts to continue to look for ways to feed as many children as possible. I was just thinking today that Mark and Vergie have shown what the true meaning of Christmas is everyday of their lives. Merry Christmas to everyone. I hope this story fills you with hope.  For more information please visit http://www.stevenshopefund.org/#2499