Scholarship donors

We would like to thank the following individuals and businesses for supporting our 2020 Western graduates!  

2020 Western Scholarship Donors

Sandra Cooper

Longs Retreat

Jordan (Russell) Family 

Kathleen Smith 

Don and Carol Farney 

Cathy Shoults

Bill and Paula Branscomb

Steve and Brenda Fields

G and J Paving 

Joe and Carolyn Morrison 

Barry Meade

Latham Limestone/Melvin Stone Co.

Latham Auto Parts/Jason Claytor 

Longs Auto Sales

Todd and Aletha Montgomery 

Bill and Amy Haggy

Tim and Jenny Penn

Ivan and Cathy Rigsby 

23 Southbound Flea Market 

Cody’s/Cody Leeth

Tom and Sherry Hall

Scott and Dee Long

LRM/Junior and Rosalee Long

Kelly and Amy Shepherd

Ed and Wanda Hannah

Terry and Jan Leeth

Eli and Tina Riggs

Vic and Cindy Brushart

Dave and Karen Dixon

Hickory Knoll Farms/Richard and Joy Knauff

Tony and Lora VanMeter

Ted Miller/Miller Land Company

Southbound Land Co.

Fite Excavating/Ed and Candie Fite

Roger and Lynn Lambert 

Jill Lauterback

Jeff and Rhonda May

Arrick Propane 

Carol Monroe

Steve and Crystal Guilkey 

Wes and Renee Davis