Bus monitor

Job Opportunity

Western Local Schools Morning Bus Monitor

Due to the requirements of the Governor’s Reset and Restart Planning Guidelines we are required to take each student’s temperature and do a health assessment prior to entry into the building.  We are choosing to do that assessment and take student temperatures PRIOR to boarding the bus in order to reduce any risk of a sick student getting on the bus and riding to school.  We feel that doing the check prior to boarding reduces the risk of transmission of any sickness, especially COVID-19.  Regardless of how anyone feels about the specifics of the Governor’s orders and guidelines, we are mandated to follow them.  In order to take student temperatures and accurately assess each student we are going to have a bus monitor ride on the bus each morning to do the assessment.  We want our drivers watching the road and other students and we don’t feel like we can ask a driver to add the health assessment to that list of responsibilities, especially on 124. 

We are in need of multiple people to fill these spots.  Essentially, the bus monitor will ride the entire route and conduct the temperature checks as the students board the buses.  Most routes are a little over an hour long.  The longest route is less than 1.5 hours and we are only doing mornings.  The rate of pay will be $25 per morning. 

If you are interested in more information or in applying please contact me at (740) 493-3113 or (740) 222-831.  You can also send a message to the district page.