Western High School Attendance Policy for High School Credit

According to the Ohio Department of Education, in order to receive credit (one Carnegie unit) in a course, a student should complete a minimum of 120 hours of course instruction in one school year. Any class defined as a “laboratory class” must meet for a minimum of 150 hours in one school year.

Based on the number of minutes spent in each class in the current Western High School schedule, each student should be in attendance in each class for a minimum of 170 days in order to meet the hourly requirement. Because we understand that there is a possibility that the required number of hours may not be met due to inclement weather, sickness, etc. the principal reserves the right to adjust the number of hours met if circumstances warrant a change.

Western High School will implement the current Pike County Schools attendance policy with respect to truancy. All policies in place by the Pike County Schools Attendance Policy regarding definitions for excused days and unexcused days will be reflected in Western High Schools “Policy for High School Credit.”

In order to receive credit in a full year course at Western High School a student must be absent from a class no more than 8 total hours (approximately 12 missed class periods @ 43 minutes per period). Unless warranted by medical excuses or an extended illness, students must not exceed the 8 hour threshold. Any student who misses more than the allowable number of minutes in any class must make up the missed class time and assignments in order to receive credit toward graduation in each class in which the allowable number of hours has been exceeded. Missed class time may be made up by attending regularly scheduled after school detentions or possibly during Saturday school. If missed class time isn’t made up prior to graduation seniors will not be permitted to participate in the graduation ceremony. Before a senior can receive his/her diploma he/she must make up the missed class time. Arrangements for seniors and underclassmen to make up credit in the summer will be at the discretion of the building principal. Any underclassman who misses more than the allowable number of hours in any class will not receive credit in that class and will be required to make up the missed time. If the missed time isn’t made up the student will not receive the credit and will be required to repeat the class if it’s a class that is required for graduation.

This policy was adopted by the Western Local Board of Education on December 1st and will go into effect on December 10th. No absences that have occurred prior to December 10th will be counted against students as part of the new policy. However, the number of hours that can be missed will be shortened to compensate for the late implementation of the policy.