Soldier's Survey
Soldier's Survey
This year as we celebrate Christmas, we would like to give to those who are giving to us, the soldiers sacrificing for our country. Fourth graders would like to write to members of the military to express our gratitude and send Christmas wishes.
Please list names and addresses of any family members or friends who are currently serving in the United States Military. They could probably use a Christmas thought from our Western Elementary 4th graders. Please indicate the branch of military in which they serve, years of service, age, family information, hobbies, or any other information about the soldier that may be helpful to us when writing our Christmas thoughts and wishes.
We will need to start working on this project as soon as we return from Thanksgiving break. Please send us this information as soon as possible. We have 60 students who will be participating, so we need lots of names and addresses before December. You may send this information by email to or, or you may call the school at 740-493-2881.
Thank you for your support in our effort to honor soldiers,
Andee Ferneau & DeeDee Leeth